Professional Beauty Makeovers and Makeups

Being made-up by a professional is a delightful experience. Salon visits, makeovers or manicures can be even more special when they are part of a group. SoPlush Beauty takes your “getting ready” process one step further by bringing a team of professional stylists and makeup artists right to you. Whatever your group is preparing for, our mobile beauty experts are at your beck and call. They deliver an unparalleled makeover experience wherever and whenever you need it. Being styled by a professional is something that every woman should take time for, especially with her friends. Take it up a level by having the beauty experts with SoPlush come to you.

Styled by an Expert

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Your look can make any event more special when your beauty routine involves a group. You’re beautiful and may know how to apply your day look and even be experimental enough to have a great evening look but being styled by a professional is a new level of pampering. Our services go further than merely putting on makeup or curling your hair. We offer an array of comprehensive beauty services that are guaranteed to have you look amazing. We also can orchestrate the same look across all members of your party. Ensuring the same hairstyles and makeup applications are similar and consistent looks to carry a theme throughout.

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Styling Your Hair

SoPlush Beauty’s team of professional hair stylists are excited to take care of your group’s look. What a perfect time to try something fun and different with your hair. Whether you have an exact look in mind or are willing to let the experts have their way, you can trust your hair in the hands of a professional.


Makeup to Envy

Making sure that your makeup lasts through the entire evening is struggle on the best of days. When you have that special evening out or group gathering, it’s even a bigger task to keep your makeup from caking or sliding off your face. Our professional makeup artists use only the best products for your face. Trust SoPlush Beauty to ensure you look your best all night long.

Airbrush Application

“Flawless” is a description everyone longs for. When it comes to makeup, even more so. SoPlush provides the luxurious service of airbrushing. Our experts will come to you and airbrush that flawless appearance designed to endure through the day and well into the evening. Airbrushing lasts longer than traditional makeup, doesn’t smudge or flake and is an experience your groups should book!